Research data management

Research data management

This activity is part of the "Your Doctoral Thesis" itinerary and is aimed at PDI and PhD students at the UPC in an initial phase of preparing their doctoral thesis.

Some of the topics that will be discussed in the workshop will be:

  • Research data management
  • Data Management Plan (DMP)
  • Curation of datasets
  • Publication of research data in a repository

The next sessions of this course will be dedicated especially to the Data Management Plan.


Next quarter we will schedule new sessions of this workshop.


In the meantime you will find more courses, workshops and webinars in Bibliotècnica, the ICE and the Doctoral School.

Price: Free for UPC members.

Directed to: PhD, Teaching and research staff (PDI)

Keywords: Academic publication, Services of libraries, Your doctoral thesis

More information: 

The ICE issues a certificate of assistance to the participants.

For PhD students this course is recommended in an initial phase of making your thesis and it belongs to “Your doctoral thesis" training path, made of the following courses:

  1. ​Information organization tools
  2. Information resources and services in...
  3. Reference managers  
  4. Scientific publication
  5. Visibility and impact indicators
  6. Writing and preparing your manuscript
  7. Open Science
  8. Data research management
  9. DRAC for doctoral students