Visibility and impact indicators

Visibility and impact indicators

Learn strategies to make yourself visible as a researcher on the Internet and in academic social networks and how scientific activity is evaluated.

  • Visibility of researchers: signature and institutional affiliation, author identifiers, social media for research and academic social networks
  • Evaluation and impact of scientific activity: impact indicators of authors and articles, alternative metrics, evaluation and accreditation.

Activity addressed to PDI and PhDs from the UPC. For doctoral students, this workshop is part of the “Your doctoral thesis” itinerary. It is recommended in an intermediate phase of thesis preparation.

New sessions of this workshop will be scheduled soon.

Are you interested? You can tell us in info.biblioteques@upc. Edu.


Price: Free for members UPC. External, 25 eur/h.

Addressed to: PhD, PDI

Keywords: Evaluation and impact of research, Your doctoral thesis

More information: 

The course will be carried out if you get at least five registrations.
L'ICE issue a certificate of attendance to the participants.

For doctoral students this course is recommended in an intermediate phase of thesis preparation and is part of the itinerary "Your doctoral thesis", consisting of the following courses:

  1. Tools to organize the information
  2. Resources and information services in ...
  3. Reference managers 
  4. The scientific publication 
  5. Visibility and impact indicators
  6. Elaboration of the manuscript of the thesis
  7. Open Science