Wi-Fi in libraries

If you are part of the community UPC i ...

Attention: Eduroam recommends a new connection app for Android 11 and higher devices. More information at Eduroam Connection Manual.


Connect to the network eduroam and enter your username of the UPC (nom.cognom) and the password

Download this software to your laptop by following the steps that you indicate:

Download the eduroam installer

We recommend: Download the software before coming to the library, for example from home, to avoid connection problems.

If you need more information, check the Eduroam connection manual. We also offer you this video:

Download eduroam app

Once downloaded, open it and select as an institution UPC, accept the conditions of use and put your username of the UPC (nom.cognom) and password:

Eduroam for Android - step 1  Eduroam for Android - step 2

Eduroam for Android - step 3   Eduroam for Android - step 4

You can also follow the instructions in the Eduroam connection manual. You can also see this one video.

Warning: If you use Android 7.0 (Nougat), check this FAQ to find instructions with this browser.

Open a browser Safari to download the installer:

Download eduroam app

Once downloaded, follow the steps that you ask for:

eduroam for iOS - step 1  eduroam for iOS - step 2  eduroam for iOS - step 3

eduroam for iOS - step 4  eduroam for iOS - step 5  eduroam for iOS - step 6

eduroam for iOS - step 7  eduroam for iOS - step 8  eduroam for iOS - step 9

  eduroam for iOS - step 10  eduroam for iOS - step 11

If you need more information, check the Eduroam connection manual.

If you are not a member of the UPC i ...

Access the instructions for connecting to eduroam on the web of your institution.

In case of doubt, check if your institution belongs to eduroam in this enllaç.

Access wifi UPCguest. Select this network and follow the instructions in the connection manual.

Connection manual a UPCGuest

Rules of use

Wi-Fi users UPC, both eduroam and d 'UPCguest, commit to:

  • Make good use of Wi-Fi.
  • Use Wi-Fi exclusively for academic purposes related to teaching, research and transfer of technology or management activities (excluding the use of Wi-Fi to offer services to third parties).
  • Do not disclose your Wi-Fi access credentials to third parties or entities.
  • In the case ofUPCguest, the user's data collected is used to identify it.
  • Failure to comply with the commitments by users may entail immediate cancellation of access.

More information

If you have problems in the installation process, contact ATIC-ICT Services UPC.

Last update: 02 / 11 / 2021