Research Café

The Research Cafés are informal meetings, organized by the libraries of the UPC, to learn about and enhance the visibility of the University's research staff projects.

These days bring together doctoral students, postdocs, academic staff and other members of the University and society to promote the interdisciplinary exchange of ideas and collaboration between research areas.

Spirit of the research café summed up in one sentence   The spirit of the Research Café of the UPC summed up in one sentence.

About the Observatory

With the organization of the Research Cafés, from the libraries, we want to: 

  • Promote knowledge and open science.
  • Promote the social and cultural activity of the different campuses of the UPC.
  • Improve networking and cooperation in potentially interconnected research.


Organizing meetings focused on interest in research and innovation: 

  • We make emerging research more visible on the different campuses of the UPC.
  • We will improve support services for research staff, in a personalized way. 
  • We promote libraries as a meeting point and networking between the different groups that do research on the campuses.

The participation of doctoral students from the campuses of the is particularly interesting UPC, although the participation of other research staff and students doing final degree or master's work is also of great value. 

As information professionals, we are aware of the diversity of needs and realities of the different groups of the university community and offer to act as network nodes between them to promote collaboration and mutual enrichment.

We also offer informative support in the development and management of open research to make it more visible and accessible.

We work to spread the science and knowledge generated by the doctoral students and all the research staff of the UPC promoting open science, creating synergies and arousing interest in the dissemination of open knowledge.

The next Research Café

There are currently no Research Cafés scheduled.


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Research Café held

Research Café 6

Order date: 19 October 2022, 9.30am-13.00pm

place: EEABB, Sala Mercabarna. campus Baix Llobregat 

Organization: Baix Llobregat Campus Library i EPSEVG Library

Network tracking: #SDGs, #researchcafeUPC, #marsoceans, #seasandoceans and also live feed from twitter


moderator: Lourdes Reig Puig


Pedro Arnau del Amo

Marcos Paulo Araujo da Silva

Adriano Camps Carmona

Oriol Carrasco Serra

Steffen De Vreese 

Ahmad Falahzadeh

Guillem Figueras Manzanares

ViceMr. Gracia Garcia

Núria Jimenez Garcia

Cesca Ribas Prats


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In this Research Café, projects will be presented where technology is put to the service of the seas and oceans, and which are linked to the ODS objectives Underwater Life i Action for the climate.


Research Café 5

Order date: 12 May 2022

place: Agora room Campus Nord UPC 

Organization: Oriol Bohigas Library of theETSAB i Rector Gabriel Ferraté Library

moderators: Ruth Íñigo and Marta Serrat


Boris Lazzarini

Jaume Ramon-Gamon

Marc Ruiz Ramirez

Agnese Salvati


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Research Café 4

Order date: 13 May 2021

place: Faculty of Optics and Optometry of Terrassa. FOOTBALL

Organization: Terrassa Campus Library and theYoung Area of ​​the Spanish Optical Society (SEDOPTICA)






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This event is part of the activities of the central act at the Spanish level of the International Day of Light 2021.


Research Café 3

Order date: October 30, 2019

place: EEABB, Sala Mercabarna. campus Baix Llobregat  

Organization: Baix Llobregat Campus Library


Óscar Casas Piedrafita

Clara Prats Soler




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Research Café 2

Order date: 19 in June of 2019

place: School of Architecture of Barcelona

Organization: Oriol Bohigas Library of theETSAB

moderator: Cossima Cornadó Bardón


Marion Alcaraz Corbella

Monica Aubán Borrell

Sara Vima Degree



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Research Café 1

Order date: 19 in June of 2018

place: u-room Rector Gabriel Ferraté Library.

Organization: Rector Gabriel Ferraté Library


Moderator: Ferran Marqués Acosta


Oscar Argudo Medrano

Miriam Bellver Bueno

Adrià Casamitjana Díaz


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