Data management plan

The Data Management Plan or Data Management Plan (DMP) is a methodological document that describes the life cycle of the data collected, generated and processed during a research project, a doctoral thesis, etc. 

More and more funding entities like theH2020 and Horizon Europe and the State Plan require the preparation of a DMP. PhD students must also prepare it and present it in the Research Plan.

It must contain information about:

  1. What data will be obtained to develop research.
  2. How they will be collected and processed.
  3. Which standards and what methodology will be followed?
  4. Who will be able to access the data.
  5. How they will be preserved when the search is complete.


    You have the free tool CORA.eiNa DMP (Research Data Management Plan) with templates adapted to the requirements of each funding body (H2020, ERC, State Plan) and the type of research you carry out (research project, doctoral thesis, etc.). 
    The tool allows you to save, edit and export your WMD, work collaboratively with other researchers and update it during the different phases of your search. Contains help and examples in all sections.  

    See user guide where all the processes associated with the creation of a data management plan are described, as well as the management of the user account itself. 

    When applying for a project, if you need to include information about the Data Management Plan, use this guide English version with recommendations for FAIR data management.

    To create a DMP you can also refer to the guide Data management plans.  

    For examples and more information see the document Data Management Plans I la version UPC adapted and abbreviated. The repository CORA. Research Data Repository (RDR) is a trusted repository, registered in the directory
    Libraries offer you support in creating your data management plan, publishing data in open access and citing data. To review the Data Management Plan, contact your library or info.biblioteques@upc. Edu

    Examples of H2020 FAIR Data Management Plans:


    The WMD is a living document, which is produced at the beginning of a search and is updated as many times as necessary.

    How to make a Data Management Plan with CORA.eiNa DMP

    In accordance with what is required in the Academic regulations of the School of Doctorate the data management plan must be submitted as part of the Research plan.

    To prepare it you can: 

    • use the specific template for PhD students of theCORA's DMP tool. It contains instructions and examples for each section and is available in Catalan, Spanish and English. Once you have finished it, you can request that the library staff review it. 
    • attend the training workshop Management of research data that libraries offer periodically.   
    • address your library or send a message to info.biblioteques@upc. Edu

    For good management of your research data, follow the steps ofthis infographic:

    Infographic - Managing research data: best practices (CAT) Manage research data: good practices
    (ESP) Manage research data: good practices
    (ENG) Managing research data: good practiceices



    To organize, name and version files follow the steps inthis infographic:

    Infographics - Manage Research Data: Organize your project files (CAT) Organize project files
    (ESP) Organize the project files
    (ENG) Organize your project files



    Check them out tutorials on data management

    Last update: 02 / 05 / 2024