Here you will find resources that can help you find information (existing patents, publications on what you want to patent. Etc.) before applying for registration of an invention.

You can use the patent search service, formed by a team of librarians of the UPC, which will help you to search the databases of patents available in the UPC. Contact it!


If you want to patent an invention,Patent Office of the Management and Innovation Service of the UPC.

Access to Derwent through the WoS  


La UPC subscribes to the Derwent Innovation Index (1980-2019), one of the world’s leading patent databases included within the Web of Science platform containing more than 30 million inventions in more than 65 million patent documents. Includes patent records from Derwent World Patents Index and Derwent Patents Citation index.

Three sections can be consulted:

  • Derwent Chemistry Resource for chemical structures
  • Electrical and electronic section
  • Engineering section

More information about Derwent a Clarivate Analytics

How to access: go in Web of Science and then select the Derwent Innovation Index.

Check all of them Patents databases and resources to the digital library of the UPC.



To correctly cite patents, follow them guidelines.

More information

If you are a researcher, a PDI or a master's or doctoral student from any of the campus UPC, contact with:

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Last update: 29 / 06 / 2022