Bibliographic identifiers

At the time of creating a work, it is necessary to consider its unique identification through various bibliographic identifiers, which guarantee its presence in national libraries, facilitate its commercial distribution and/or achieve a permanent location on the web. 

The most common bibliographic identifiers are:


Legal Deposit (DL) It guarantees the conservation and dissemination of bibliographic, audio, visual, audiovisual and digital heritage of Catalonia, through the delivery to the Biblioteca Nacional de Catalunya of some copies of the editorial production
International Standard Book Number (ISBN) It facilitates the commercial transactions of the works destined for sale and, therefore, they are part of the publishing market.
International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) Identify each one of the magazines and other periodicals univocally and unambiguously, regardless of whether they are vouchers or not.
identifier URN (Handle / DOI) Permanently identify digital objects (books/magazines, chapters/articles, etc.), regardless of the server where they are deposited.

Libraries, Publications and Archives Service of the UPC handles the requests of some identifiers from the books edited by Iniciativa Digital Politècnica. Digital Academic Publications Office , as well as other publications published by various UPC units (basic, functional or other units).

Last update: 08 / 11 / 2018