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If you need a laptop to study or prepare classes from home, we leave one for you.


This service is aimed only at undergraduate and master’s degree students, doctoral students and associate professors of the UPC.



Who is it for?

  • To the official degree and master's degree students and to the doctoral students of the UPC.
  • To the associate professor of the UPC.

How to apply for a laptop to work from home?

  • Make your request by filling out this form:

Ask for a laptop 

  • The library will contact you to agree on the terms of the loan.
  • When you come to the library to look for it, you will have to identify yourself with the card of the UPC to formalize the loan.

How much time?

User type Loan days
Undergraduate, master's and doctoral students of the UPC 35 days
Associate professor 120 days

Can the loan be renewed? 

  • You can apply up to 3 renovations as long as there is no reservation from another user and they are made within the loan term.
  • When you receive the notice of termination of the loan, request the renewal by filling out the application form and selecting the renewal box:

Renew the loan

  • The library will contact you to confirm if the renovation is possible.

How to return the laptop to the library?

  • The computers are removed and returned to the library loan desk on the set date.
  • It is your responsibility to return the equipment to the library within the deadline. You can request renewal if you need more time.

General conditions of the Service

  • The computer is the responsibility of the person who borrowed it.
  • The use of computers is for exclusively academic purposes.
  • The library is not responsible for files and software that have been saved or installed on your computer. When the computer is returned, the library proceeds to format the hard disk and reinstall the image of the equipment.
  • Computers are provided in perfect conditions of hygiene, use and operation and must be returned in the same condition. Mouse not included.
  • The computer is provided with the basic office tools, browsers and antivirus that the user agrees to keep up to date, as well as the operating system. You can consult the software installed on your computers enllaç.
  • The user can download the software he needs and can find at Software Distribution UPC or whatever your center provides. You can consult the software llicenciat by the UPC in that enllaç.
  • The user will need to set up the connection to UPCLink if you need to access your remote desktop, network drives or applications and programs restricted to the IP environment UPC.
  • If the user detects any malfunction of the hardware or software he must report it to Penthouse, providing the number of the computer on the label pasted under the laptop.
  • If a malfunction of the computer is detected once it has been returned and has not been previously reported, it will be considered misuse and the sanction established in the Loan Regulations will be applied.
  • The library reserves the right to deny the use of the service to a user when it deems it appropriate.

Non-compliance with the rules

If you return the laptop late or in poor condition, penalty points will be applied depending on the type of violation.

Slight lack
Delay the laptop late 2 days suspension per day of delay
Serious foul

Causing damage due to misuse, although this does not prevent normal use

Leave the computer unattended

Do not return it to the loan service


30 days suspension

When a user accumulates 30 or more days of suspension, they are temporarily excluded from the 30-day block loan service.

Very serious foul

Causing serious damage that prevents the normal use of the computer 

Do not return the laptop 

Restore the computer for a new one as stipulated in the regulations. In the meantime, the user will be excluded from the loan service

To these sanctions can be added the administrative and legal measures that the UPC consider it appropriate and permanently exclude the user from the loan service.

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Last update: 16 / 02 / 2023