The Library UPC of things UNDER CONSTRUCTION

Don't get it, find it in the library!

The Library of Things gathers the collections of non-book material that are lent to the libraries and that are linked to the teaching activity and the educational project of the University. The Library aims to contribute to the promotion of the culture of reuse.

Information about the loan

  • If you need any of this equipment, you must go to the library where it is available.
  • Libraries lend more equipment than those that are part of the Library of Things. Some may have lending restrictions. Find them in this enllaç.
  • El préstec d'equipaments es regeix pel Reglament del servei de préstec del Servei de Biblioteques, Publicacions i Arxius de la UPC.
  • If you are missing any equipment, or want to make a donation to your library, contacts with us. Remember that only "things" linked to the University's academic activity are included.

Check availability

More information

The origin of the Library of Things is the Master's Final Project"Proposal creation and implementation analysis for a Library of Things in the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya" produced by Carlos Jiménez and awarded with the Prize UPC of Circular Economy for the best Final Master's Thesis (2020).

It is a project in collaboration with the Innovation and Community Cabinet and aligned with the strategy of the Pla UPC Sustainable 2030 - Responsible consumption, and will evolve with the collaboration with other units and agents of the University, incorporating new lendable things and encouraging, even more, recirculation in the UPC.

Last update: 02 / 12 / 2022