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Type in the search box the term or terms you want to find information about and choose between the different profiles and click on the magnifying glass.

  • Click on the microphone icon and select the language to dictate what you want to type in the search box


What does each profile contain?

  • All: includes search of all profiles (except CCUC and EBSCO)
  • Catalog: retrieves the physical and electronic documents from the Catalog of the Libraries of the UPC.
  • Digital Library: retrieves the electronic content of a large database of articles, book chapters, conferences, many of them subscribed by the Libraries of the UPC and open access. It also allows you to retrieve the content ofUPCommons.
  • Collective Catalog of the Universities of Catalonia (CCUC / PUC): extend the results of your search to the CCUC and apply for a consortium loan (PUC)
  • EBSCO: bibliographic references and the full text of some databases of this supplier. Prior authentication is required
If you do not specify anything the search will be done in the set "ALL" 
  • You can search for:
    • title, author, ISSN, ISBN, DOI, subject, ...
  • If you do not specify a Boolean operator (NOT, OR) retrieves records that contain the terms used, regardless of whether they are together or separate. 
  • To make a more specific search use the operators in the same search box or apply the filters or you can also do an advanced search


Digital Library allows you to search within the content of a large majority of databases and publishing packages subscribed by the Libraries of the UPC or available in open access except:

  • AENORmore
  • Aranzadi
  • Color Index
  • Derwent Innovation Index
  • Docommeno Ibérico 
  • ISSN Online
  • JCR
  • OnArchitecture
  • SABI
  • Urbadoc
  • Voyage Data (Marine Traffic)


Databases that retrieve content but must be validated to view the log

  • Avery Index to Architectural Periodicals
  • Scopus
  • Web of Science

Nor does it retrieve content from these open access databases

  • ArchiRes


EBSCO is an information provider with whom the Library Service subscribes to summary and citation databases.


Some article references from EBSCO databases cannot be retrieved by simple or advanced search, for this reason, the "EBSCO" filter must be selected - authentication is required to see the search results. 

The resources you can consult with this filter are:



Resource recovery is not exhaustive, so we recommend doing a direct search in the database for best results. Databases subscribed with EBSCO



Last update: 24 / 02 / 2022