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The Punt ATENEA Libraries-ICE is a personalized guidance and counseling service for structuring and designing courses on the virtual campus ATENEA (Moodle).

The Service is aimed at teachers and is offered from the libraries of the UPC in coordination with theICE.



Do you want to improve the design and structure of your subject?

Head to a Point ATENEA: 

We offer you

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Benefits for your courses

Benefits Point ATENEA Libraries-ICE



    Remember that the Point ATENEA helps you in

    • Optimization in the use of Moodle tools.
    • The organization and presentation of standardized contents.
    • The search and updating of information resources, bibliography and other teaching materials.
    • Access to electronic resources.
    • Intellectual property support and CC licenses, image rights and plagiarism.
    • The deposit of materials in Aprèn, the teaching production portal for teachers.

    More information

    All support channels ofATENEA that the teaching staff has at their disposal, you can find them here:

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    Last update: 24 / 01 / 2024