Loan service

The loan service allows you to borrow documents from the libraries of the UPC.


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See the lens assembly tutorial DiscoveryUPC and check that the document you are looking for is available. If you belong to the library where you are, write down the topographic, locate it and go to the counter with it loan card. If you belong to another library, make the reservation through it DiscoveryUPC.

Returns the documents within the established term to any library of the UPC.


Group II
Postgraduate student of the UPC (PhD students and official masters students).
Postgraduate student in the centers of the FUB and EAM.
Undergraduate degree student UPC (including the student of international mobility programs).
Undergraduate students of the centers of the FUB and EAM.
Master's and postgraduate student training course UPC School Professional & Executive Development.
User type Number of documents

Maximum duration

(depends on document type) *

Bachelor and student students UPC School

Postgraduate, master's and doctoral students




30/14 days

* Log in to My Account to know the loan duration of each document.

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Choose the option PDI, PTGAS and students UPC and validate with your intranet username and password UPC if you belong to one of the following groups:

  • Students of the UPC 
  • Master's or postgraduate student of permanent training of the UPCSchool 
  • Ex-students of the UPC (up to 2 years after starting up)


If you are FUB students, validate with your username and password of the Fundació Universitària del Bages. Your username is the first part of the email address (before the @) and the password is the email address.


Choose the option Invited users and validate yourself with the credentials we will send you by email when we sign you up if you belong to one of the following groups: 

  • Students of affiliated centers of the UPC Private ownership (EAE, EUNCET)
  • EAM students


Having trouble validating yourself?

If you are a student of the UPC or you have a username and password UPC, see the Help page for change and forget the password of the UPC. If you do not know your username or email address UPC, contact with ATIC.

If you are a master's or postgraduate student in lifelong learning and do not know your username, contact UPC School of Professional & Executive Development.

If you continue to have trouble connecting, please contact yours library.

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You can renew documents up to a maximum renewal period, which is equivalent to 6 times. Once you are on your activity screen (via web or via App), select the documents you want to renew and click the Renew selected button.

You can renew the loans as long as:

• No other user has requested the document.
• The renewal is done within the loan term.
• You have not exceeded the maximum renewal period.
• You have no documents to return.
• Don't get stuck.

If you have problems during the renewal process, contact your account library.

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Once you have identified yourself, close the document that interests you DiscoveryUPC and click the button Book at UPC. Prioritize this button over PUC Request.

You cannot reserve more than one copy of the same title (with the exception of titles with more than one volume or accompanying material). If misuse of reservations is detected, they will be canceled.

The reserved documents will be saved during 5 days from the time you receive the Booking Notice to pick up.


We offer different options for returning the books you have on loan:

In any of the 24-hour mailboxes you will find at:

* Mailboxes located inside the school. The mailbox schedule depends on the center's opening hours


From Monday to Friday, duringopening hours, in the following libraries:

Remember that you must return the documents within the set deadline. 

Check your loans


If you return the documents late, it applies 1 day penalty for each day of delay and document. These sanctions apply immediately.

If you do not return the documents or damaged returns, you will have to return them with copies of the same edition or similar characteristics proposed by the library (if they are exhausted).

Until this is not met, the user is temporarily excluded from the loan service.


Documents that are not in the UPC

If you can not find a document on the UPC, you can request it from another library of the Consorci de Bibliotecas Universitarias de Cataluña (CBUC) through the PUC for free:


Request a document by the PUC  More information

If you cannot request the document through the PUC or you cannot find the document you are looking for, you can make the request through the PI. This service has a cost (see rates a More information):


Request a document for PI  More information

Last update: 10 / 05 / 2024