Loan card

To use the loan service you have to identify yourself as a member of the UPC with your id card.

The loan card is unique, personal and non-transferable. UPC card, UPC Alumni Premium card and provisional card issued by the Library, Publications and Archives Service (SBPA) are valid.

You can also have the card on your mobile.

The UPC card identifies you as a member of the university community and allows you to enjoy the loan service at the UPC Libraries.

For information on how to obtain it, benefits, etc. go to the page of theOffice for Electronic Administration (OAE) of the UPC.

For incidents (if you have not received it, it has been lost, spoiled, etc.), consult the section on "Frequent incidents with the card.

Bring your card in your mobile phone to borrow documents from the UPC Libraries. The mobile card only serves for borrowing documents, for the rest of procedures and managements of the University, you must always show the UPC original id card

Capture this QR with your mobile device and sign in with your UPC username and password:
QR mobile card UPC

Follow these instructions to add the UPC card to the home page of your cell phone.

In order to have the card in the mobile phone, it is essential to have the card of the UPC and have it activated.


Now you can also take the card to your mobile with the app UPC Students.

Download the app and look for the card in the "Your space" section. Available for Android (Google Play) and for iOS (App Store).     


The Library, Publications and Archives Service (SBPA) issues a provisional card, valid for one academic year, at:

  • People who are temporarily part of the university community but are not entitled to the UPC card;
  • Authorized persons to make use of the library's loan UPC (signed agreements or persons authorized by the library head).

Submit to any library of the UPC the following documentation:

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Last update: 06 / 09 / 2022