Loan card

To use the loan service you have identified yourself using the card. 

The loan card is unique, personal and non-transferable. 

Take it to your mobile.  


The new Card UPC it's digital! 


The card UPC identifies you as a member of the university community of the UPC and allows you to use the library's services.

The APP UPC allows students, PDI, PAS, invited staff, related staff, retired staff and people from the Group UPC have the card UPC on mobile




Download the APP UPC a:

Apple Store  Google Play


Open the APP, authenticate with your username and password UPC and access the section My space to see your Card UPC.


For information on how to obtain it, benefits, etc. go to the page License UPC of the Office for Electronic Administration of the UPC.

If you have the card UPC physical, you can continue to use it to make use of library services.

If you don't have the card UPC but you are a user of the libraries of the UPC, you can also carry the card on your mobile phone to identify yourself as a user and to borrow documents from the libraries of the UPC.

Addressed to:

  • members of Entities Linked to the UPC
  • members ofUPC Alumni Premium
  • former students of the UPC (up to 2 years after starting up)
  • studentship, PAS and PDI of the FUB and the EAM
  • authorized users
Capture this QR with your mobile device and sign in with your UPC username and password:
QR mobile card UPC

Follow these instructions to add the card to your mobile home page.


The Libraries, Publications and Archives Service (SBPA) issues a provisional card, valid for one academic year, to people authorized to borrow from the libraries of the UPC (signed agreements or persons authorized by the library head).

Submit to any library of the UPC the following documentation:

Once registered, you will receive an email with instructions to activate access to My Account.

You can also bring your own mobile card.


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Last update: 06 / 04 / 2023