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Services for people with educational support needs (disability, specific educational needs) are personalized services that facilitate access to and use of library resources and services to promote equal opportunities for all people in the university community.

On the website of each of the 12 libraries of the UPC information on access, mobility and available equipment is included: 


And remember that if you have any specific needs, you can go to Inclusion UPC.


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  • Extension of the usual term for borrowing documents: as indicated in Loan regulations.
  • Delegated loan service: service aimed at users with serious motor problems, mobility difficulties and long hospital stays that they can delegate to another person so that they can formalize the loan by submitting this document authorization on the library desk. 
  • Home loan service: servei aimed at users with severe motor problems, mobility difficulties and long hospital stays. 
  • Loan repayments: is available mailboxes 24h in all libraries.
  • Laptop loan service: service of home loan of laptops in long periods of time. 
  • Library of things UPC: Loan of other equipment: loan service for tablets, USB memory sticks, headphones, etc. See the availability.

  • Contact: libraries are at your disposal to resolve requests for information or arrangements through different channels (phone, email, Meet, etc.).
  • Specialized information service: through this form.
  • Tailor-made training courses: the training courses they can be offered in a personalized way, both for the initial reception in the library and for the specific use of a database, elaboration of works, doctoral students, etc.

This service includes the search for alternative document formats to facilitate their accessibility, in the cases permitted by the Revised Text of the Intellectual Property Law (Article 31 bis):

The acts of reproduction, distribution and public communication of works already disclosed that are actually carried out do not need authorizationicen for the benefit of persons with disabilities, provided that they are non-profit-making, have a direct relationship with the disability in question, are carried out through a procedure or means adapted to the disability and are limited to what it requires. .

Last update: 10 / 07 / 2023