About the recommended bibliography

Recommended bibliography of degree and master's degree


We provide the students with the bibliography cited in the teaching guide for the subjects of the undergraduate and master's degrees.

The student can search for their subjects and see the recommended titles, access the full text if available and / or reserve it if the library has copies available.


The recommended bibliography for teaching guides is the list of documents that teachers recommend to students for each of the subjects they teach during the academic year.

The recommended bibliography of a subject is structured in:

Basic bibliography The teacher recommends a maximum of five titles (manuals, problems books and other published information resources) that support students in achieving the general objectives of learning the subject.
Complementary bibliography The teacher can recommend up to a maximum of ten additional titles to the basic bibliography (manuals, problems books and other published information resources) that support students in achieving the specific learning objectives of the subject, and therefore related to contents and specific activities of the subject.
Other resources Web links, audiovisual material or computer materials that the teacher considers.

The recommended bibliography is part of the teaching guide for the subject that teachers introduce to the Management of Studies and Analysis of Management Information System (PRISMA).

According to him Manual to prepare the Teaching Guide of the subject, the selection of the bibliographic resources that are included in the teaching guide and the introduction to the Management System of the Study and Analysis of the Directive Information (PRISMA) corresponds to the teaching staff.

Libraries we offer you our advice:

  • Informing about the bibliographic novelties and publications relative to the thematic of the asignatura.
  • Informing titles that can not be acquired and that can be difficult to access by students. 
  • Normalizing the bibliographical citations of the documents that the teaching staff has introduced to the Management System of the Studies and Analysis of the Directive Information of the UPC (PRISMA)
  • Acquiring, whenever possible, at least a copy of all the books recommended in the teaching guide of the subjects of the current course, preferably in electronic version, to guarantee their availability and the consultation by the students in the library.

For more information, contact the library from your center. 

Students can consult the recommended bibliography in their subjects, access the full text and / or reserve the document if there are copies available in the library in the portal Recommended bibliography.

We try to acquire at least one copy of all the titles mentioned in the basic bibliography, preferably in electronic version, to make them available to students. 

The recommended bibliography is also visible on the virtual campus Atenea, in the'e-secretary and on the websites of schools and faculties.

If in the classroom or the virtual campus you recommend to your students other complementary readings that are not part of the recommended bibliography of the subject:

  • Let us get the list of complementary readings and ensure that they are available in the library.
  • T'we advise about which documents can be disseminated on the virtual campus, respecting the copyright, as well as the cases in which the bibliographic reference can only be offered.

Last update: 23 / 05 / 2019