Hourly laptop loan service

We offer you laptops to work during your stay in the library.

Who is it for?

This service is exclusively aimed at:

  • undergraduate, master's and doctoral students from the UPC
  • the PDI and PTGAS UPC
  • the postgraduate students of the UPC School
  • the staff linked to the UPC, PTGAS of the group UPC and members of related entities

Loan conditions

Consult the loan conditions, characteristics and availability at each of the libraries: 

  • Some libraries offer the service of waiting list when all laptops are borrowed.
  • You can request up to 4 renewals as long as there is no waiting list and they are done within the loan term. To apply for renewal, go to the loan desk.
  • Computers are removed and returned to the library's lending desk. It is your responsibility to return the equipment to the library within the established period. You can request its renewal if you need it longer.
  • Whether you use a library laptop or bring your own laptop, you will find padlocks in all libraries. Ask for one at the loan desk.










General conditions of service

  • The computer is the responsibility of the person who borrowed it. 
  • The use of computers is for exclusively academic purposes.
  • Each library determines the area of ​​laptop use and the maximum return time before the library closes.
  • Computers are loaned configured and in good working order and must be returned in the same condition.
  • The library is not responsible for files and software that have been saved or installed on the computer.

  • If you have problems with the hardware or software, please contact the loan desk.

  • If the computer is found to be malfunctioning after it has been returned and has not been previously reported, it will be considered misuse and the penalty set out in the Loan Regulations will be applied.

Non-compliance with the rules

If you return the laptop late or in poor condition, penalty points will be applied depending on the type of violation.

Slight lack
Delay the laptop late 1 day of suspension for each hour or fraction of delay
Serious foul

Do not return the laptop during library opening hours

Make changes to software settings

Causing damage due to misuse, although this does not prevent normal use

Remove the laptop from the area authorized for use

Leave the computer unattended

Do not return it to the loan service


30 days suspension

When a user accumulates 30 or more days of suspension, they are temporarily excluded from the 30-day block loan service.

Very serious foul

Causing serious damage that prevents the normal use of the computer 

Do not return the laptop 

Restore the computer for a new one as stipulated in the regulations. In the meantime, the user will be excluded from the loan service

To these sanctions can be added the administrative and legal measures that the UPC consider it appropriate and permanently exclude the user from the loan service.

More information

This service is governed by the conditions of use established in Library, Publications and Archives Service Loan Regulations.

All libraries have connection to the Wifi UPC.

Last update: 11 / 05 / 2024