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Poetry Week at the UPC - Confinement poetry

Confinement poetry

Every May, for 22 years, Barcelona celebrates the Poetry Week. An occasion that transcends the genre - the lyrics are everywhere - and, beyond rhapsodies, poems and recitals, the Week is aroused performers, concertgoers, lectures, debates and verse struggles.

This year, the Week has been canceled and it is not possible to take squares and streets, but from the UPC we want to share verses from students, librarians, professors, janitors, doctoral students and alumni. An unbeatable opportunity to discover new talents, new rhymes.

And when it's all over, if you don't know her, you might want to visit her Rector Gabriel Ferraté Library and seek inspiration in his Catalan poetry collection.

Happy Poetry Week at the UPC!

Poems recited by community members UPC

This little poetic manifestation begins with two poems recited by the recent Cervantes 2019 award given to our admired professor ofETSAB, Joan Margarit.

May these poems of confinement help us all to go through this situation in a more humane way.

Last update: 11 / 05 / 2020