Intellectual Property Service (SEPI)

The Intellectual Property Service (SEPI) of the Libraries, Publications and Archives Service of the UPC, offers basic information about which are Copyright which must be respected both in the creation of a work and in its consultation, reproduction, distribution, public communication or transformation.

The information that is given in this service is only orientatives and in no case can they be considered as legal opinions. The SEPI declines any responsibility in the use that is made of this information.
Services of the SEPI
Information service

SEPI responds to user queries related to copyright and other intellectual property issues that may be received. Some examples of the queries on which this service can offer information, training and advice are:

  • In which cases can images or other documents of third parties be reproduced?
  • Can a teacher distribute copies of articles to students?
  • How to use the resources available at Bibliotècnica (e-journals, ...)?
  • Should the works be registered in the Intellectual Property Registry?
  • What to do if you want to publish a work with open access?
Processing service

Libraries, Publications and Archives Service of the UPC handles the requests of some identifiers from the books edited by Iniciativa Digital Politècnica. Digital Academic Publications Office , as well as other publications published by various UPC units (basic, functional or other units).

You will find more information at: Bibliographic identifiers.

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