Intellectual Property: Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions collected on this page deal with various aspects related to intellectual property:


Definition of copyright and relation of copyrighted works

Right of reproduction

Right to fix a work in any medium (paper, electronic, ...) that allows communication and obtaining copies of all or part of a work.

Right of distribution

Right to provide physical copies of the original or copies of a work through its sale, rental, loan or other means of face-to-face.

Right of public communication

Right to carry out any act by which several people can access a work without the prior distribution of copies (conferences, projections, transmission by email, web edition, ...).

Law of transformation

Right to translate, adapt or modify a work so that a different work is derived (translation, abstracts, theatrical versions, image modifications, ...)

Ownership and assignment of rights

The acts of exploitation of works not allowed by legislation can only be made if authorization of the authors and / or owners of the corresponding rights is available.

Open access

The works can be offered in open access to third parties through "copyleft" licenses, which clearly indicate the corresponding conditions of use.

Registration and identification of documents

There are several systems for registering and identifying works that authors can use according to their needs: Intellectual Property Registry, Safe Creative, Copyright, Legal Deposit, ...

Last update: 09 / 11 / 2018