Training materials in intellectual property

Plagiarism and academic honesty

Tutorial originally developed by the University of Sydney Library, translated by CI2 (CRUE-TIC and REBIUN) Blog, videos and articles
Preventing plagiarism

Teaching activities at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis

You quote it, you note it! Tutorial elaborated by the Vaughan Memorial Library (Acadia University)
Copyright management on e-learning platforms

University of Granada's guide to doubts regarding copyright in the digital field, especially in the field of e-learning

Intellectual Property Policies for Universities

WIPO database that collects intellectual property policies, manuals and model agreements from universities and research institutions around the world.

IPR Tutorial Series (IEEE)

IEEE Intellectual Property Tutorial Set: CrossCheck Service, Plagiarism, Copyright, Copyright, Trademarks and Patents, and Authorizations

RIGHTS Internet Users Initiative that guides on the use of graphic materials on the network
Guide on copyright management and open access in libraries, documentation and archive services Guide on open access and intellectual property, especially for information professionals
Copyright for librarians Compilation of IFLA working actions on copyright exceptions affecting libraries and archives
Handbook on Copyright and Related Issues for Libraries Intellectual Property Handbook edited by eIFL.

Last update: 20 / 02 / 2020