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It offers a selection of national and international legislation, totally or partially related to the rights of industrial and intellectual property.


Intellectual property

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Some of the articles in the Real Decreto-ley 24/2021 related to intellectual property (effective November 4, 2021):

Art. of RDL 24/2021 Content

Art 67

Text and data mining

Art 68

Use of works and other services in digital and cross-border pedagogical activities

Art 69

Conservation of cultural heritage

Art 70


Art 71

Use of works and services outside the commercial circuit by the institutions responsible for cultural heritage

Art 72

Public works of visual art

Art 73

Use of protected content by sharing service providers to share content online

Please note that RDL 24/2021 only modifies the following articles of the Intellectual Property Law (RDLeg 1/1996), as set out in its 80 article (therefore, there are cases in which both the RDLeg 1/1996 like the RDL 24 / 2021):

Art. from the modified LPI Content21

Art. 20.2, paragraph f

Broadcasting of broadcast works

Art. 32, App. 2

Provision by electronic service providers of aggregation of content, texts or excerpts of texts from press releases

Art 47 Revision action for unequal remuneration
Art. 48 bis Right of revocation
Art 58 Concept of the publishing contract
Art 110 Employment contract and service lease
Art. 129 bis Rights of publishers of press publications and news agencies with respect to the online use of their press publications
Art 130 Duration of rights
Art. 194, ap. 3 and 5 Functions of mediation, arbitration, tariff determination and control
Transitional provision 22a Press releases

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