Intellectual property legislation

It offers a selection of national and international legislation, totally or partially related to the rights of industrial and intellectual property.


Intellectual property

This is the consolidated text that incorporates the modifications of the Le 2 / 2019, of 1 of March, which modifies the consolidated text of the Law on Intellectual Property, approved by the Royal Legislative Decree 1 / 1996, of 12 of April, and for which they are incorporated into the Spanish legal system the 2014 / 26 / EU Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council, of 26 of February of 2014, and the Directive (EU) 2017 / 1564 of the European Parliament and of the Council, of 13 of September of 2017.

Industrial property
Services of the information society and electronic commerce
Bibliographic identifiers
University education

The latest modified articles of the Intellectual property law, regulated by the 2 / 2019, from 1 in March (valid from 3 in March of 2019).


Ar. 20.4

Cable retransmission

Art 24 Right of participation
Art 25.8 Reimbursement of equitable compensation for private copying
Art. 31 bis Security and official procedures
Art. 31ter Accessibility for people with disabilities
Art 32.1 Citations and reviews and illustration for educational or scientific research purposes
Art 37.2 Reproduction, loan and consultation of works through specialized terminals in certain establishments
Art 139.1 Cessation of illicit activity (sections a, eif)
Art 141.4 Precautionary measures
Book 3r, title IV Collective management of the rights recognized in this law
Book 3r, title V Intellectual Property Commission
Book 3r, title VI Protection of technological and information measures for the management of rights
Disp. add. 2a Exchange of information between competent European authorities
Disp. add. 5a Notifications in the procedure for safeguarding intellectual property rights (section 5)
Disp. final 1 Competency title
Disp. final 2

Application in the Autonomous Communities with competence in the matter

Annex Content of the annual transparency report
European directives
Works Orphans
International treaties
WIPO Lex: Spain

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