Interlibrary loan

For the purpose of interlibrary loan, they are members of the UPC: PDI, PAS (active and retired) and students of the UPC, Group UPC, UPC Alumni Premium and other entities with agreements.

You can request originals or copies of documents that are not available in the libraries of the UPC.

We supply all kinds of documents (books, magazine articles, doctoral theses, technical reports, patents, conferences, etc.) from any country in the world and in any language.

The documents requested through this service can only be used for private, teaching or research purposes.

See the lens assembly tutorial Catalog of libraries of the UPC to see if the document is in the UPC. If it is there, go directly to a library of the UPC.

If the document is not in any of the libraries, Fill in the application form for interlibrary loan.

If you want to loan a document from another Catalan public university library (CSUC), use the first one Consorciated Loan (PUC), as long as you are an authorized user for the PUC (PDI, PAS, students) UPC i UPC School, STEP Group UPC and retired teaching and research staff).

The cost depends on the type of document requested and the place where it is requested. Check rates for the service.

The amount of the petition must be paid in cash at the moment the document is delivered.

If you are a PDI or PAS of the UPC, you can pay in charge of a structural unit.

The waiting time depends on the type of document and the supply library.

At the time of receiving the request, the library will inform you of the expected cost and period.

Send the requests by email to You can also fill out the form to register your center.

We will get in touch with you to inform you about the availability and cost of the document.

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Last update: 17 / 01 / 2022