The Tercil serves to know the relative importance of a journal within the totality of journals in its subject.


Journthe Citation Report does not provide the position of the journal within the tertile as it does with the quartile. To find out which tercile and/or decile a magazine is in, it must be calculated manually.


To know the Tercil of a magazine:

  • Go to Journal Citation Report and look for the magazine. If it has more than one category, choose the one that interests us
  • Go to the section inside the magazine register Rank by Journal Impact Factor



  • In this example, the journal is ranked 10 out of 345 journals.
  • 345 magazines must be divided between 3 (345/3) = 115
  • Each tercile will consist of 115 magazines. 
  • The magazine occupies the 10th place and is among the 115, therefore, it is located in the first tercile.


If you want to calculate the decile, you need to divide the total number of magazines by 10



    Last update: 24 / 02 / 2023