Source Normalized Impact Paper (SNIP)

Indicator that measures the impact of citations from publications included in Scopus, based on the total number of citations from a given scientific field. The aim of this metric is to be able to compare publications from different fields.

SNIP 2016: number of citations (weighted) received in the 2016 year for the total works published 2013-2015, divided by the total work published 2013-2015.
The weighted citations according to the "citation potential" of the category of the journal (category determined according to the set of citing documents).

A citation has more value in fields where there is less frequency of citations than in areas with a tendency to receive many citations.

More information on the methodology used in CTWS, University of Leiden, creators of the indicator

You can consult it for free at Scopus, selecting "Sources"and looking for the magazine by title, editor or ISSN.

Last update: 14 / 12 / 2018