Scimago Journal Rank (SJR)

Indicator developed by the Scimago group that measures the quality of scientific journals included in Scopus. It takes into account the citations received from a publication but it puts them based on the prestige of the citing magazine, using the algorithm designed by Google PageRank.

Make a calculation of citations received for a period of 3 years but giving more value to magazines that are highly prestigious (lots of citations, without autocites) using the algortime Google PageRank calculation. The citation of a magazine with a high SJR will have more value than the citation of a magazine with a lower SJR.

Enter the free platform Scimago Journal & Country Rank. You can search directly for the magazine title or go to the section Journal Rankings.

  • You can see the SJR per year by clicking on the sign (+).

  • You can also search for magazines within an area and subcategories and sort them by SJR. Below the indicator, it provides the quartile where the publication is found.

Last update: 14 / 12 / 2018