The Quartil serves to know the relative importance of a magazine in all magazines of its subject matter.

Magazines with the highest impact factor are placed in the first quartile; So, in a list of one hundred titles, the first quartile are the first 25 titles and these will be the most valued ones.

How to consult

Enter to Journto the Citatoin Report, once validated with the eBIB Service, select the UPC from the "Federated Institutions of the FECYT" ​​drop-down. 

If access is via FECYT, select the UPC from the drop-down "Federated institutions of the FECYT" ​​and once inside the platform select "Iurnin the Citation Report "and choose" Federation of SPAIN by FECYT "from the" Institution "drop-down.


  • Search for the title of the magazine 

How to search the quartile at the JCR


  • Within the profile of the magazine, select "Rank"to see quartiles of the publication per year and by category. You can also see the percentile per year and per category.

How to search the quartile at the JCR


Enter the free platform Scimago Journal & Country Rank. You can search directly for the magazine title or go to the "Journto Rankings ".

  • You can view the Quartil per year and for each category in which the publication is included.

How to search the quartile in Scimago Journal Rank


Last update: 19 / 03 / 2021