Eigenfactor and Article influence score

Washington University indicators that use JCR data to calculate metrics and serve to complement other indicators such as the impact factor.

The Eigenfactor determines the influence of a magazine. Article influence is based on the Eigenfactor's score and measures the importance of an article published in a magazine.


  • "Relational" indicator, similar to Google's PageRank, which measures the overall influence of the Journal Citation Report (JCR) magazines. Calculate the level of citations received by a magazine in an established period (citations received by the articles published in the 5 last years in the present year), depending on whether citations come from more or less quoted magazines and therefore more or less influential
It is considered that a magazine is more influential if it receives citations from other miscellaneous magazines.

Article influence score

  • It measures the average influence of a journal article in the 5 following years after its publication and is calculated based on the Eigenfactor, that is, dividing the Eigenfactor of a magazine by the number of articles published by the magazine .
Both metrics are based on data from the JCR (Science Citation Index Expanded - SCIE and Social Science Citatoin Index - SSCI) and excludes data from magazines and proceedings from (the Arts and Humanities Citation Index, the Conference Proceedings Citation Index, the Book Citation Index and the Emerging Sources Citation Index).


  • You can check it for free through the portal, only from the 1997-2015 years
  • If they are made from the Journal Citation Report, they have data from 2017

Last update: 13 / 02 / 2019