Citations per article

Indicator that lets you know how many citations a post has received.


Download the instructions to look up the citations received by an article in the main sources of information.


  • Access to Scopus. If you access Scopus directly through Google or FECYT, remember to install the eBIB button in the browser.

  • Access to Web of Science. Once validated with the eBIB Service, select the UPC from the "Federated Institutions of the FECYT" ​​drop-down.  

  • If access to the Web of Science is through the FECYT, select the UPC from the "Federated Institutions of the FECYT" ​​drop-down and choose "Federation of SPAIN by FECYT" ​​from the "Institution" drop-down.


Citations at WoS


Citations at Scopus         


Citations in Google Scholar and other tools 

Free software that searches Google Scholar citations and allows you to download the data. 


Publish or Perish

Last update: 10 / 01 / 2024