International Standard Serial Number (ISSN)

The ISSN is a unique identification number for periodicals (journals, yearbooks, newsletters, monograph series, etc.).

Unlike the ISBN (for books), it is not necessary for the periodic publication to be vouchers to have ISSN. Moreover, it is recommended that all periodic publications (in paper or electronic format) be available.


La Library of Catalonia  Manages the allocation of the ISSN number for serial publications published by companies and entities based in Catalonia since January of 2008, as a result of the transfer of functions and services related to this competition in the Generalitat of Catalonia (Royal Decree 1405 / 2007, of 29 of October of 2007).

As detailed in its website:

  • The ISSN identifies a periodic publication throughout the world, unequivocally and unambiguously.
  • It is a basic element in all the processes of information, communication, control and management that refer to these types of publications.
  • It constitutes a method of rapid and effective communication between publishers, distributors, booksellers and subscription agencies to ensure, among other steps, the precise and immediate identification in the case of subscription orders.
  • It is an ideal base for the construction of the bar codes of the serial publications, which facilitate the commercialization.
  • It involves the construction of the ISSN International Database which, with more than one million records and the reliability of the data, constitutes an essential informational resource in regard to serial publications.

For journals and other periodicals edited by members of the scientific community of the UPC and deposited electronically on the deposit UPCommons, the Intellectual Property Service facilitates the processing through your form

People interested in applying for the ISSN for journals not deposited in UPCommons, they can do it for free using the form of the Library of Catalonia, provided that the detailed requirements are taken into account your web. For example, in the case of printed publications, the following information must be taken into account:

  • When the application form is submitted, a copy of the cover, cover, credit pages or editorial information and the communication form of the Legal Deposit number (in pdf, jpg, photocopy or other) must be provided. ).
  • In the case that the serial publication is not yet edited, a copy of the model of these parts or a copy of the print proofs must be sent.
  • If the publication takes time in the course of publication, a copy of the first issue and also a newer one must be attached.

Last update: 22 / 01 / 2019