Both the Handle and the DOI are digital object identification systems that allow you to assign one PURL ("persistent uniform resource locator") in electronic documents (books, journal articles, conference papers, teaching materials, etc.).

  • By using this protocol, you can assign your electronic resources a permanent Internet address that identifies them regardless of the name of the server where you have deposited it.
  • The permanent access of the identifiers URN Avoid Internet users retrieving a URL that has stopped being valid (the so-called "404 error" of browsers).
  • The DOI is a variant of the Handle system designed to facilitate commercial transactions with electronic documents.

El Handle system is a system developed by the Corporation for National Research Initiatives (CNRI) which allows the granting of persistent identifiers to existing information resources on the network (books, chapters, magazines, articles, graphics, videos, etc.).

  • This unique identification system guarantees permanent access to existing digital documents in the network, even if the location of these documents is changed over time. For example, a resource locator (URL) is not a persistent identifier because its contents can be moved to another location.
  • This permanent access is based on a resolution system that digital documents offer from their Handle identifiers, not their location (URL). In this way, if a location document is moved, for example, for a server change, it can continue to be identified with the same Handle ID (regardless of its current or previous URL).

Each Handle consists of a prefix that identifies the producer of the identifier (publisher, company, institutional repository, etc.), and a suffix that identifies each of the digital objects (book, chapter, magazine, article, image, etc.). ).


Prefix 2099.1 deposit identifier Academic work UPC
Sufix 19080 identifier of the final master project deposited in Academic work UPC.

To be able to locate a document with a Handle identifier, the string can be written in the ""followed by the corresponding prefix and suffix, which redirects the user directly to the document:

Alternatively, the existing locator can be used in This locator, in addition to redirecting the user to the document, also offers additional information such as the associated URL.

El Libraries, Publications and Archives Service of the UPC uses the Handle system to identify all objects deposited in UPCommons, set of institutional deposits of the UPC. Therefore, all the documents housed in the various depositories ofUPCommons they automatically receive a Handle that identifies them, guaranteeing permanent access (permanent URL):


E-prints UPC

Scientific-technical production of teaching and research staff at the university

Journals UPC Magazines published and / or organized by the UPC
Conferences UPC Congresses published and / or organized by the UPC
Academic work UPC TFG, TFM and other academic works prepared by the students of the UPC
Thesis UPC Doctoral theses elaborated by the PhD students of the UPC
Video library UPC Videos produced by the UPC

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Last update: 28 / 05 / 2019