Legal deposit (DL)

The legal deposit is a mechanism regulated by the Law 23 / 2011, of 29 July, of legal deposit, which obliges publishers and authors to deliver a series of copies of their production to the Biblioteca Nacional de Catalunya, which guarantees the dissemination and preservation of the bibliographic, audio, visual, audiovisual and digital heritage of Catalonia.

Before requesting a Legal Deposit (DL), the publishing units of the UPC They should be very aware that, as established by the DL Office website:

  1. Once the request has been made through the form of the Intellectual Property Service (SEPI), the applicant will receive the corresponding DL number by e-mail.
  2. Next, the publishing unit will have to include the DL in the publication, always respecting them Guidelines set by the DL Office:
  • In printed books and brochures, the DL number will appear on the same sheet as the ISBN, on the reverse side of the cover or on the portadella (sheet that precedes the cover of a book and usually only has the title of the work).
  • In the daily press, print media and magazines, the DL number will appear at the head of each copy. In magazines with a cover and book format, it will appear on the back of the cover or the portadella.
  • The rest of the forms will take the DL number in a well visible place.
  • Disks (sound, CD-ROM, etc.) will have the DL number printed on the label or on the center of the plate and on the cover of each disc. The manufacturer of the disk must provide the printer of the bag or the container the number of the DL, in the case that the manufacturer of the disk and the one of the container are not the same.
  • The DL must be included in this format, preceded by the abbreviations "DL" (without any point). The different volumes of a unitary work (multivolum work) have the same number of DL (although they have different ISBNs) followed, in roman numerals and in parentheses, of the number that corresponds to the volume.
Work Multivolume work

DL B. 8411-2012

DL B (number) -2014 (I)

DL B (number) -2014 (II)

DL B (number) -2014 (III)

Once the work has been edited with the Legal Deposit (DL) and before its distribution or sale, the applicant must send several copies to the Office of DL, which guarantees its preservation and conservation As part of the bibliographic and documentary heritage.

The breach of the delivery of the copies is subject to sanction by the Office of DL, sanction that will have to assume the unit of the UPC applicant Therefore, it is very important to keep in mind that this delivery of copies is mandatory, regardless of the type of publication (book, magazine, plan ...), the format (paper, CD ...), and / or be intended for sale or not.

To find out the exact number of copies that must be delivered to the Library of Catalonia, you should check the "How many copies should be delivered? of your website.

Periodicals (journals, newspapers or yearbooks) are assigned a single DL number to the entire work to be printed on each of their numbers. However, even if the DL is the same, the corresponding 4 copies (or 1 copy in the case of e-journals) of each number published in the DL Office must also be sent.

The annulment of the edition of any work (for example, the closing of the publication of a magazine) must be communicated to the Office of DL, communication that the people or entities requesting the UPC can do by means of form of the Intellectual Property Service (SEPI).

Since the Library, Publications and Archives Service has a courier service with which you can send the copies to the Office of the DL of the Library of Catalonia, applicants can send them by internal mail to the following Address:

UPC. Libraries, Publications and Archives Service
K2M building
Floor S1, Office S103-104
To the attention of Ester Badia

The copies must be delivered before two months, counted from the date of the application:

  • If after two months of having requested the DL number, the work has not been published, it will be necessary to make a new request requesting an extension or to notify its cancellation. The extension will have a definitive duration of two more months.
  • After this deadline, if the corresponding office receives no news, it may initiate a sanction proposal that will have to assume the unit of the UPC applicant

Last update: 09 / 06 / 2020