BIBtip: Zotero

45' open training via Meet oriented to Undergraduate and Master students but open to the entire UPC community. Practical workshop including Q&A time.


  • What is Zotero?
  • How to register and create a Zotero account
  • Import and edit references and documents
  • Organize your library
  • Annotate documents
  • Work in a group
  • Cite and prepare the bibliography with Zotero (Word and Google Docs)
  • Other tools: duplicate detection, LaTeX, generate reports, feeds, etc.


New BIBtips will be scheduled next semester.

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  On the day and time of the workshop, access the virtual classroom by clicking on the corresponding Room. Important: To access the course you must identify with the UPC e-mail address (ending or

Price: Free for UPC members. External users, 25 eur/h

Directed to: Master, Undergraduate students

Keywords: Bibliography, BIBtip, Information organization, Rumb TFE

More information: 

This course is also recommended for students who participate in the Rumb TFE service to consolidate the competence 'Solvent use of information resources'.

We also offer workshops, webinars or guides about different softwares and aspects related to bibliography management: