Advanced Mendeley (Your doctoral thesis 3)

Advanced Mendeley (Your doctoral thesis 3)

Know Mendeley in deep to manage your bibliography
Activity addressed to UPC PDI and PhD students, already working with Mendeley.
This activity belongs to the "Your doctoral thesis" training path. It is recommended in a intermediate phase of making your thesis.

If you are already using Mendeley, learn how to:

  • edit references in your Mendeley library
  • use Mendeley's groups and social tools
  • customize bibliographies 
  • use Mendeley with Google Docs and Google Scholar

Price: Free for UPC members. Non-members, 25 eur/h

Directed to: Administrative staff (PAS), PhD, Teaching and research staff (PDI)

Keywords: Academic publication, Bibliography, Information organization

More information: 

It is highly recommended to bring your usual laptop to the session.
The course will be carried out if there is a minimum of five registrations.
The ICE issues a certificate of assistance to the participants.

This course is recommended in an intermediate phase of making your thesis. It belongs to “Your doctoral thesis" training path, made of the following courses:

  1. Information organization tools
  2. Information resources and services in...
  3. Advanced Mendeley 
  4. Scientific publishing
  5. Visibility and impact indicators 
  6. Writing and preparing your manuscript