Stay up to date in your field

The best way to stay current in your area of ​​interest is to use the different types of alert services offered by information resources.

There are different types of alert services:

  • Recording and automatic execution of a search strategy within a database
  • Announcement of new publications, web resources, congresses, etc. within a preselected subject area
  • Announcement of new journal summaries
  • Notification that an article has been cited for another
How can we access these services?
  1. Access the desired database and design an appropriate search strategy.
  2. Select the option corresponding to the alert service.
  3. Sign up and complete your search profile (email to receive it, periodicity ...).

We recommend: alerting tutorial on Scopus

The role of RSS is to show a summary of selected content without having to access different sources of origin.

The RSS files, which can be both XML and RDF, allow grouping information from different websites and view it from a single page.

RSS aggregators allow you to keep up-to-date with the news on many web pages, keep up to date without having to navigate through dozens of pages, search, manage information ...

Examples: Feedly (, The Old Reader (

Blogs, wikis, distribution lists, reference managers such as Mendeley or social networks like Twitter can be good resources to stay up-to-date within a thematic field.

Blog Searcher: BlogSeachEngine

Specialized distribution lists of RedIris (CSIC):


See our menu how to cite social media posts, blog posts, etc.


Last update: 28 / 04 / 2022