Access to information

Imagine you need the book Gaia: una ciencia para curar el planeta by James Lovelock. After locating it in DiscoveryUPC , you get the following information:

Result by DiscoveryUPC: book on paper

It is a paper book. If you click on the title, the complete information on the document appears and which libraries have it.

For each library, it is indicated:

  • the topographical, to locate it in the shelf (504 Lov, 502.3 Lov ...),
  • if available, on loan, reserved, excluded from loan, etc. (state),
  • the type of loan (normal, educational guide, weekend or bib info if you can not leave the library),
  • The map of each library, to find the shelf where the copy is.

You can also reserve a copy if it is borrowed by another person, or to pick it up in your library (Reserve option). Check how to validate yourself.

If you can not find the document on the shelf
  1. Check the catalog that the document is really available.
  2. Make sure you are in the indicated library and in the appropriate section by consulting the map.
  3. Look at the tables and carts in case the document is for storage.
  4. Ask the staff for help.

Imagine you want to check the book Music, language and the brain by Aniruddh D. Patel. In the results list of DiscoveryUPC you see the following information:

Result by DiscoveryUPC: electronic book

This is a restricted e-book for subscription.

If you click on the orange box, you will see eBIB service information . You need to log in with the UPC credentials to access the full text.

You have found an article that interests you in Google Scholar. Although it appears in the search results list, it may be a paid journal article.

Search results for Google Scholar

Check if the libraries of the UPC They have subscribed the resource by clicking the button eBIB of your browser. If you do not have it, check how to install it.

Once you have validated with the credentials UPC You will be able to access the full text, if we have it subscribed.

Check your library or make an interlibrary Loan request.

Members of the UPC can loan books free of charge from other public university libraries of Catalonia through the PUC.

Last update: 29 / 12 / 2018