We offer you various services based on your student, teacher, researcher or administrative and service personnel needs. As a member of the university, you have the child UPC, essential to be able to use some services, like for example the one of loan documents.

Some specific services we offer you:

We solve queries about searching for information for study and research in the thematic field of nautical. 

You can watch some tutorials that the library has made and listen to our podcasts through our channel Youtube. Some of the Faculty's conferences and events are also available through the Zonavideo UPC

You will also find some dossiers on specific topics (Women and the sea, knots, cooking on board, Prestige, sports yachting...) at Issuu almost Pinterest

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You can return the books during the Faculty's opening hours to the mailbox on the library door or to any of the mailboxes 24h. of the UPC. Just enter it inside and we will manage the return of the loan in 24 hours (school).

From the section "My Account"you can see which books you have reserved and borrowed, when you have to return them ... 


Laptops (hourly loan) and other equipment (tablet, chargers, calculators, compasses..)

Laptops (loan per day)

We carry out training related to the services and resources we offer, for example, hosting sessions for newcomers, training in informational skills, training on the Reference Manager (Mendeley), the course "Written skills for developing a project"...

They are usually scheduled group sessions, but if you are interested in a specific individual training contact with us.

Access the Guide “So many years studying, and now what?”Prepared on the occasion of the annual training workshops on job placement organized in collaboration with the FNB and AlumniUPC. These are part of the activities prior to the University-Business Connection Day in the nautical sector that is organized at the Faculty. 


Because to deal with the writing of yours Final Project of Studies is a key moment, we offer you an accompaniment service that consists of achieving a training itinerary adaptable to your needs. The follow-up of this itinerary will be reported to the management and the court of the TFE so that it can be taken into account in your evaluation.

With Rumb TFE you will get:

  • Be accompanied in the process of preparing your work by maintaining fluid contact with us.
  • Acquire a solvent use of information resources.
  • Structure and correctly apply the format and requirements of the academic regulations of the ETF.
  • Use an appropriate specialty style and language.
  • Learn how to make effective oral presentations.
  • Advise you on the final publication of the TFE a UPCommons, to give visibility to your work.

We tell you in this one video. Access TFE course!

 We offer you information monthly with news related to the library and the faculty.

From the biblewe carry out different activities and exhibitions:


Commemoration activities: we hold exhibitions or activities to celebrate commemorations such as:

  • Seafarers' Day (June 25)
  • International Women's Day in the Maritime Sector (May 18). You can listen to the conversations held in 2023 with the professors of the Faculty Cristina Campos i Claudia Barahona, with the student Ester Milian and with the maritime controller of the Maritime Rescue Center of Barcelona Eulalia Pujol
  • World Maritime Day (4th Thursday of September): on the occasion of World Maritime Day in 2022, the library has recorded three short conversations, with the teacher Santiago Ordás, with the teacher Jordi Mateu and with the student Mary Catalán (all of them from the Faculty) to talk about this year's theme "New technologies for a more ecological and sustainable maritime transport".


Sant Jordi activities: to celebrate this festival we do activities such as "For St. George books and wishes", "For St. George recycles culture" ... or exhibitions of which we highlight the Exhibition of books from the old collection: a historic St. George's Day carried out during the celebration of the 250th anniversary of the FNB. Among those chosen from the 1771th-2023th centuries, there were those written by the first directors: Fray Canellas, Manuel Sans, Ezequiel Calvet and José Bonet, as well as a book by Jorge Juan from XNUMX. For Sant Jordi XNUMX we have prepared a video with a taste of our "Personal stories of the sea" collection.

Healthy Week Activities UPC 2023: we have prepared one video with the selection of books "The healthy sea" that are part of the sports nautical collection, cooking on board, personal stories.

Occasional exhibitions: inside or outside the library we do exhibitions often accompanied by a bibliographic dossier. We choose various topics, depending on the activities, conferences, workshops ... that are taught at the Faculty or, topics that are current and that are related to the maritime field. 
Some examples:



 Did you know that...  Exhibition on the 1st floor of the faculty to show how mathematics is needed in many ways and how it contributes to improving the world in areas as diverse as industry, engineering, technology, economics and healthcare. Traveling exhibition through libraries UPC. It is a project with the participation of Professor Monse Alsina (EPSEM), Gemma Flaquer (FME library) and Montserrat Méndez (Biblioteca BCUM).



 Exhibition of handwritten nautical charts made by students (XNUMXth-XNUMXth centuries)

 Exhibition on the occasion of the celebration of the 250th anniversary of the FNB, to publicize the collection of handwritten nautical charts made by students in the early years of school. Some of these are in digital version.
 2018  Eric Tabarly  Exhibition on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the death of the internationally renowned navigator Eric Tabarly.


 Sailor knots  Exhibition to support the workshop given at the faculty on May 15, by Mr. Jaume Armengol. It is accompanied by a bibliographic dossier


Virtual exhibition: The library makes history: 250 years of the FNB: where we take a photographic tour of the history of the faculty from its origins.

Exhibition of the year: every year we hold an exhibition in the library with different types of materials and supports on a theme related to the sea: the Titanic, Jorge Juan, sailing around the world, a literary sea, kitchen on board, women in the maritime sector, etc. During the pandemic period we did not exhibit in the library but our intention is to resume this activity.

    As a result of the 250th anniversary of the Faculty of Nautical Studies (1769-2019), many activities have been carried out, some organized from the library.

    Want to know what we did? consult the website of the 250th anniversary of the FNB in ​​the library.

    Last update: 28 / 02 / 2024