We offer you various services based on your student, teacher, researcher or administrative and service personnel needs. As a member of the university, you have the child UPC, essential to be able to use some services, like for example the one of loan documents.

Some specific services that we offer you:

We solve queries on information search for the study and research on the thematic field of nautical.

  • In person at the library during opening hours (currently closed, until further notice, by COVID-19)
  • Correu Electronic: biblioteca.fnb@
  • phone: 934017934 (currently closed, until further notice, by COVID-19)
  • Chat: Monday to Friday (non-holidays) from 9 am to 13 pm and from 16 pm to 18 pm. You must use your address o and start chatting with biblioteca.fnb.

Here's how to access the chat with a short video:

Apart from books and magazines, we offer you laptops and other equipment (chargers, calculators, compasses ...)

We carry out training related to the services and resources we offer, for example, hosting sessions for newcomers, training in informational skills, training on the Reference Manager (Mendeley), the course "Written skills for developing a project"...

They are usually scheduled group sessions, but if you are interested in a specific individual training contact with us.

We offer you information monthly with news related to the library and the faculty.

Every year we make a small exhibition with books, DVDs and magazines about a theme related to the sea: the Titanic, Jorge Juan, sailing the sailing world, a literary sea, cooking on board ... this year, the chosen theme has been "The woman in the maritime sector".

We carry out exhibitions, usually accompanied by a bibliographic dossier, of various subjects, depending on activities, conferences, workshops ... that are taught at the faculty or topics that are current and that are related to the subject. maritime scope Some examples:

  • Sailors knots: Exhibition to support the workshop that was given at the faculty on 15 in May, by Mr. Jaume Armengol. We accompanied the exhibition with a dossier that you can check Issuu.
  • Éric Tabarly: exhibition on the occasion of the 20 years of the death of the navigator, known internationally, Eric Tabarly.
  • Sant Jordi "books and desires": for Sant Jordi we put a panel in the library where students, teachers and PAS could put their wishes.
  • Women in the maritime sector: we have made one dossier with books, magazines, DVDs ... that gather information, both technical and popular, about women and the sea.

A number of activities have been carried out at the 250è aniversari de la Facultat de Nàutica, some organized from the library.

Do you want to know what we have done and what do we plan to do next? consult the web of 250th anniversary of the FNB in ​​the library.

Last update: 21 / 05 / 2020