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We welcome you to the library of the Nautical Faculty of Barcelona

Library of the Barcelona School of Nautical Studies FNB

The Barcelona Faculty of Nautical Library (FNB) is located in a historic building built in 1932. The school was created in 1769, being the oldest teaching center in the UPC. Our mission is to support students, teachers and administrative and service staff in their teaching and research through specialized resources and services in the maritime and nautical sector. The library also has a historical collection of great value, part of which has been digitized and is accessible on the Fons Antic de la UPC .

Come and meet us!

Maria Mercè Codina Costa
Head of the FNB Library



Last update: 21 / 03 / 2024

Library of the Barcelona School of Nautical Studies FNB

Pla de Palau 18, 08003 Barcelona


+34 93 401 79 34


The Library is accessed from the Faculty lobby. The accessible access of the Faculty is in the back façade.

The Library has a single uneven floor where you will find jobs and the information and loan desk.

The nearest accessible toilet is in the Faculty lobby. 

The Faculty has parking, on the rear façade, reserved for PDI and PAS, and for other users with specific requests. Written authorization must be requested in case of repeated need.