How do i consult

The search engine allows you to put one or more words. The results that we will obtain will be those that contain the word or the words in any of the fields.

Keep in mind that:

  • We do not use accents because the database does not recognize them. So if we put "nautical" (with emphasis) there will be no results. It should be searched for "nautic" (without accent).
  • The language used in the subject field and comments is Catalan.
  • The word or phrase can be in any language. If you search in English, the records that contain that word will be retrieved in the title of the article or the source.

Through the drop-downs we can choose the following options:

  • Select if you want to search by:
    • All words: Look for references that contain all words within the same record. Ex: If we look for "offshore wind" it will recover the records that contain: offshore and wind
    • Any of the words: look for the results that contain one or more words. Ex: If we look for "boat ship" it will retrieve the records that contain: "boat" or "ship" or both.

  • You can search by:

    • General Keyword: Search the word in all fields.

    • Keyword title: Search the word or words in the title of the article.

    • Keyword author: Search for the word or words in the author field.

    • Keyword of subject matter: look for the word or words in the subject of the drop-down.

  • Select the post:

Through a drop-down box, we can indicate which magazine or publication we want to look up for.
Ex. General word: "Offshore" and Publication "Sea Technology"

  • Select a subject:

Through a drop-down, we can indicate what specific matter we want

Once the search is executed we obtain the results, the number of pages of results obtained and we can choose the order of display:

From each result we obtain:

  • Title of the article (in bold)
  • Author (or authors)
  • Publication (where we find the information: magazine, conference minutes, book ...)
  • Numbering and paging (to be able to locate the specific article, the book chapter ...)
  • Year of publication
  • Matter / s
  • Link or URL (if electronic)
  • Comments
  • Topographical (location inside the library, except magazines)

The results can be ordered ascending or descending by:

  • Title
  • Author
  • Publication
  • Year of publication

The results can be exported to an Excel file.

  For any questions, contact the library


Last update: 03 / 12 / 2019