The library in the 250 anniversary of the Faculty of Nautical of Barcelona

Logo 250 Anniversary of the FNBThe library has taken an active part in many of the events held by the Faculty on the occasion of the commemoration of the 250th anniversary (1769-2019).  

These have been the most outstanding activities of the library to make known its history and its collection, during 2019.

You can also see this information in the presentation: Navigating 250 years of FNB history

Round table, simulation and maritime games, free and open to the public of all ages. Organized by the library on 9 X of 2019 on 10h.-19h.

It is necessary to emphasize, of this day, the official presentation of the edition in Spanish of the last sensation in board games and simulation the Uboot: Wolves of the Kriegsmarine of the publishing house Masqueoca, as well as the conference "The battle of the Atlantic, Uboot: the wolves of the sea"by the educator Asier Rojo.

In order to add solidarity value to the activity, a charity raffle has been held for a basket of games and leisure products valued at more than € 250. The profits raised have gone to the Catalan non-profit association "Help playing".

You can expand the information on the page web "A sea of ​​games".

This is historical and curious news related to the Library or the Faculty that we have been publishing, monthly during this year of celebration, on social networks, on the news of the website and through the "Information" bulletins of the library.

  • The library as a consultation room (documents by J. Pérez del Río): 3 documents that refer to the conditions of access and use of the library over the years 1948, 1950 i 1951. Some rules have not changed much. Already at 1950 he was asking not to keep the books consulted on the shelves again, although they should now be left in the hall trolley and then they had to return "to Miss Librarian".


  • Several stamps used in the FNB library throughout its historyThe seals of the library throughout history: collection of different ones stamps that have been used in the library and that can be found in our books. Some show their long relationship with the library, because they have been adding stamps during the different stages of history, for example this one astronomy book of 1771.


  • The catalog of the library: the adaptation to the new times: the shift from paper to automation led to many changes, even furniture. The consultation of the catalog we use today with computers was done manually. The librarians made tablets with all the information of the books and deposited them in a hand or on a machine drawers where they were sorted alphabetically by author, title, and subject. The faculty still retains this beautiful piece of furniture that shines in the new "Espai Vela" where it has been given another use.




  • The headphones of the English class: in the library some of them are still preserved earphones which for years were used in the English class. With this curiosity you can see how the class was and what type of audio tapes were used.




  • We already have a librarian !: in the student magazine "Albatros"(No. 6-7, from 1945) mentions that a person will be assigned to be in the library. The new is signed by Professor Pérez del Río.         

Notification that there will be a librarian (Albatros, December 1945)




  • Voices of the sea with Rosario Piera: La Charo, daughter of the school's teacher Federico Piera, worked in the library from the age of 18 until her retirement in 2019. She has left us a testimony of her experiences at school for so many years in a interview that the Maritime Museum did to him in 2013. Available at the video library UPC.

Rosario Piera (Charo)




  • Tables of Calvet and Bonet:

In the old archive of the library we have them Logarithmic tables of hyperbolic natural numbers and those of the trigonometric line ... ausiliares for the uses of navigation (1851) used at the time as a student's textbook. The work was written by the professors Calvet and Bonet, who were also directors of the Nautical School.

Ezequiel Calvet: 6 director (1835-1850) and José Bonet i Vinyals 7 director (1850-1870)

To discovery UPC you can check them bibliographic data.250 años: curiosidad de la biblitoeca: Tablas de Calvet y Bonet




  • The "Top 10":

In the bulletin of the students of the "La Marina Menguante" School of the month of March of 1997 the list of "top ten most consulted in the library since January"The magazine costs 50 pesetas plus a donation. Some of these books are still a reference for more than twenty years later!





  • Merry Christmas from a historic bank !: this 2019 the library wants to congratulate you from one of the banks that have been part of the furniture of the Faculty for years and years. In the photograph you can see the benches in the navigation classroom (1932)





  • Opening speech for the year 1872-73: in the inaugural speech of Federico Gómez Arias of the course 1872-73 we find curious data on the matrícula, the examinations, the building and the library. You can take a look at speech of the old library collection fromUPCommons.


Book point 250 Aniversario FNBWe present one bookmark with which we want to reflect the news and history of our faculty.

We have chosen an image of roof of the library to represent the most historical part. The typography we have chosen from color

green chairs which represent the most modern and current part of the library.

On the other side of the bookmark, the logo of the book stands out 250 anniversary of the Faculty.

To celebrate Sant Jordi 2019, so special on this 250th anniversary of the Faculty, we have offered a taste of some books from our old collection in the lobby of the Faculty, from April 23 to May 26.

Among the chosen from the 1771th and XNUMXth centuries, there are some written by the first directors: Fray Canellas, Manuel Sans, Ezequiel Calvet and José Bonet, as well as a book by Jorge Juan from XNUMX. 


The Library of the Faculty of Nautical of Barcelona presents the virtual exhibition "The library makes history: 250 years of 

 the FNB"We take a short tour of the different buildings, for classrooms and workshops, for the library and offices ... We also have 

 wanted to make a small tasting of the apparatuses, instruments and boats, as well as of the academic and playful activities and, of course, of

 people who have kept alive the school since Sinibald Mas created the Free Nautical School in 1769 year.

The library has exhibited, on the first floor of the Faculty and from 5 to 25 November, a selection of handwritten nautical charts made by students in the early years of school (XVIII-XIX centuries). Some of these are in digital version.


Last update: 27 / 02 / 2023