The library has 382 m2 and has a room with 80 reading points to study silently between which 20 are bucks for the individual study.

68 reading points have plugs to connect computers, mobiles, tablets, etc.


The room also has Wi-Fi.


Attach to the library there is the FME study hall of 93 m2 which has a general room with 25 reading points and 6 work rooms for group study (5 with capacity for 4 people and one for 8 people).

All the rooms are equipped with slate and the general room has 9 computers equipped with the same programs as the PC rooms of the FME.

How to book a group work room.


Book a room


Terms of service at the FME Library

The operation of the rooms is governed by the Conditions of use of the group work rooms.

In addition, in the FME Library:

  • The maximum number of hours you can book a room each day is 5.
  • The maximum number of hours you can book a room in a week is 15.
  • The maximum current reservations you can have is 3.

The study hall is a space reserved to study, individually or in groups, in which it is allowed to speak without disturbing.

The work rooms are spaces for group study.
These rooms are open according to the current U building timetable:


  Period exams Period No exams
Monday-Friday 7:30 a.m. 23 p.m from 7:30 a.m. to 23 p.m
Dissabtes of 8 has 23 h of 8 has 14 h
Diumenges of 8 has 23 h Closed


The rooms are free of charge less than 9 to 20 hours, from Monday to Friday (when the library is open), which must be booked. During exams, the rooms are open according to the opening hours of the building.

During the opening, outside of library hours, the aforementioned spaces are reserved for the students of the FME. The rest of users are subject to the protocol rules of entry to the building.

The entrance to the study hall and to the work rooms is done:

  • for the Library, from 9 to 19.45 h, from Monday to Friday.

  • and the 405 door (located in the same corridor of the Library) the rest of the hours that U. Building is open.

To facilitate the closure of the library, the documents and objects used by the users in these spaces must be returned to the lending desk at the following timetable:

  • A quarter of an hour before closing the library to return laptops.
  • A quarter of an hour before closing the library to return books.

Obligations of users

  • Monitor personal objects (FME is not responsible for possible losses or thefts).
  • Shut down or silence the phone.
  • Return the books or other documents, once consulted, to the carts located in the reading room of the Library.
  • Take care of the equipment, furniture and resources available.
  • Respect the original configuration of computers and installed programs and make them suitable for use.
  • Leave the job site if you plan to absent more than 30 minutes.
  • Smoking is not allowed, food or drink (except water).

Rights reserved by the center

  • The center may limit the use rights of the study hall if it is used improperly.
  • The forgotten personal objects in the rooms are deposited in the Library and are not delivered until it is opened.
  • The center reserves the use of the work rooms for the needs of the service.

Last update: 30 / 05 / 2024