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The libraries of the UPC have restricted the use of their facilities due to the COVID-19 crisis. However, we continue to work from home to support you by offering services and resources virtually.

Below is a collection of the electronic collections of mathematics and statistics available from home.

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FME Library Collections

The library has a collection, specializing in mathematics and statistics, of almost 19.000 documents. The documents are sorted according to the classification of theAmerican Mathematical Society.

Although users can also have collections from other libraries UPC, the collections of the FME Library are:



Collection of educational guides from the FME from the creation of the faculty the 1992-1993 course to the present.

Access to the Teaching Guides of the FME

Collection of the recommended books in the subjects of the degrees of the FME.

Access to the Recommended bibliography of the current course

You can retrieve the documents purchased by all libraries UPC en mathematics and statistics.

Access to the documents purchased by the FME library.

Application form of document purchases.


Access to the academic Work of the FME

Academic regulations of the FME regulating academic work

Academic regulations (Final Project of Degree and Final Project of Máster)

Deposit and consultation in the library

The academic work (TFG, TFM, PFC and PT), available both in physical support to the library and in electronic support to the institutional repository Academic work UPC (prior authorization of the author), belong to the qualifications of the FME.

Any of these works can be found through the Catalog of the Libraries of the UPC.

The conditions for consultation of the academic work existing in the library in physical format (paper format or CD / DVD) are:

  • Work with a date prior to 2007 has a grade exceeding 8.
  • Since they are unpublished works, your query must be "in situ" (they are excluded from the loan).
  • They can be found directly on the shelves, classified with topographic signatures type "TFG xx Abc", "TFM xx Abc", "PFC xx Abc" or "PT xx Abc", where "xx" corresponds to the acronyms of the degree and " Abc "in the first three letters of the author's last name
  • The works on CD / DVD are not in free access. They must be requested at the lending desk.
  • From the 2017 / 2018 course, whose work has not been authorized for dissemination (at the author and / or company level) are not available in the library.

More than XUMUM FME exams are available at Exams deposit of the UPC.

According to the 4 point of the FME exam rules

Once the exam has been done, the teacher will have to send the statement to the order of studies of the FME. Optionally, you can also send the solution.


Collection of information resources from mathematicians or statisticians that the FME dedicates to each course.

Access to Mathematicians of the course

Collection of resources from universities and cities where the FME has mobility agreements.

Access to mobility portal

Access to FME recorded events: conferences, diploma delivery, etc.

Access to the Video library UPC

Portal that gives access to the library's bibliographic collection as well as web links about entertainment, games, narrative, etc. related in the field of mathematics and statistics.

Access to Recreational math

Last update: 30 / 10 / 2020