The Library has 374 reading places, distributed in a plant of 1.882 m2. In addition, you have at your disposal:

Book a room


Group work roomThe Library has 4 work rooms: one with 2 capacity for 4 people, another 4 capacity for 6 people and two 6 capacity for 8 people.

The School is qualified 4 work rooms With the capacity of 6 to 8 people, located at the plant 1 of the F pavilion.

Terms of service at the ETSEIB Library

The operation of the rooms is governed by the Conditions of use of the group work rooms.

In addition, in the ETSEIB Library:

  • The maximum hours you can book in one day: 3 hores.
  • The maximum number of hours you can book during one week: 15 hores.
  • The maximum current reservations you can have: 5 reservations.

We have a room open to everyone, which you can use without previous reservation.

Group work space

Individual shipsIn order to favor concentration, we have a different area of ​​the rest of the general room where you will find individual ships with electrical connection.

The electrical connections of this zone have been endowed by photovoltaic solar energy, thanks to solar panels installed on the cover of the Library.

Rest spaceWe have a relaxation area at the entrance, where you will find 2 poufs and 2 armchairs and daily newspapers.


General roomIn the main room of the room there are the shelves where you will find the collections in physical format, with the study points distributed in tables of different sizes.

Last update: 11 / 12 / 2018