We present the specific services offered by the ETSEIB Library:

Because we not only provide books, we also offer everything that can help you in the development of your activity: laptops, e-readers, calculators, etc.

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We offer you a variety of rooms and multipurpose spaces so you can "live" the Library as you choose.

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The classroom has 20 computers Equipped with Windows 7 and Linux operating systems (Ubuntu), i 2 scanners DIN-A4. You can check the software available at Intranet Classrooms (consultable from the computers of the UPC).

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We resolve queries for information about the areas of specialization of ETSEIB, whether for your studies or research.

We assist you in person in the Library, but if you prefer, you can also send us your queries through other means:

See service letter which the library offers to help you in your research.

Last update: 31 / 01 / 2024