Mendeleyev, 150 years of the periodic table

The UN, through UNESCO, has declared 2019 as the International Year of the Periodic Table. This statement pays tribute to the publication, February 17, 1869, of the arrangement of elements proposed by Dimitri Mendeleev to the Russian Chemical Society, and summarized in Zeitschrift für Chemie.
The four Aristotelian elements (earth, water, fire and air) are an early attempt to establish these basic components, which lasted until the Renaissance.
There are precedents for more scientific arrangement of the elements known before the table by Dimitri Mendeleev.
The main purpose of this initiative is to recognize the crucial role of elements and chemistry in sustainable development in providing solutions to many of the challenges facing society as a whole and to make known a wider audience its importance.
In the Library you will find a compilation of technical and scientific books, related to chemical elements and their main researchers.

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Last update: 26 / 03 / 2020