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Arts and Crafts schools were born with the specific function of providing a basic cultural level to the middle and lower social classes. The education received in them was of a technical type, preferably in subjects with short-term employment prospects.
The preparation that was acquired was oriented to the needs of the specific moment in the country, that is to say to the needs of a small industrial bourgeoisie almost always localist and with little influence in the national high estates. In the Age of Enlightenment, this dimension of popular education was already present, such as professional and technical training, which also continued during the XNUMXth century, then taken over by decadent guilds, Economic Societies or schools of the Boards of Trade.

The Barcelona Board of Trade showed interest in the progress that the use of machinery was making in European countries such as England and France in agriculture, manufactures and industry. It was important to know the new machines and their mechanical principles, this moved the Board to establish in Barcelona a cabinet of machines and facilitate the creation of a school of mechanics (1808) and later managed to create a chair of machinery (1833).

In this exhibition we present a sample of books on Arts and Crafts, as well as a collection of books dealing with the various trades.

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