Measuring instruments

The teaching and research equipment of the SGR LITA Research Group, MISMEC and other departments, is basically composed of measuring equipment and is provided ad hoc depending on the needs of each user with a maximum duration of one month. If a higher loan period is needed, the authorization of those in charge of the Research Group is indispensable.

Measurement instruments must be collected and returned to the Library, for this reason, consult ours schedule if you want to use this service. For a more reliable operation of the equipment, these are provided without batteries. The user is responsible for its placement and extraction before the return of the material.


Instructions are available for some of these instruments or user guides.


 Instruments  User guide   Instructions 
 Precision scale    
 TQC Glossmeter 20 / 60 / 85 glossometer User guide Instructions
 Endoscopic camera User guide  
 Camera and accessories    
 FLIR i5, i7 and TG267 thermal camera User guide Instructions
 CSM PCM heat trap User guide  
 Tape measure 5m    
 Tape measure 50m    
 Isomet 2114 material conductor User guide  
 Bar presence detector User guide Instructions
 Radon digital gas detector User guide Instructions
 Laser rangefinder    
 Temperature data recorders Testo Data Loggers    
 Enregistrador de dades de CO2, humitat, temperatura, llum, pressió   atmosfèrica, pressió de l'aigua, tensió elèctrica i pressió física    

 Carpenter's ladders

 Hand scanner User guide Instructions
 Schmidt sclerometer for concrete User guide Instructions
 X-RITE RM200QC portable spectrophotometer    
 Threshold User guide Instructions
 Hygrometer for building materials User guide Instructions
 Hygro-thermometer data logger    
 Hagner Screen Master Luxmeter   Instructions
 Acoustic percussion hammer    
 Electric consumption meter   Instructions
 CO2, humidity and temperature meter User guide Instructions
 Humidity meter for wood Hygrotest 6500 Testo    
 Wood humidity meter KPM Aqua-Boy type HMI Nr. 020279    

 Electric current intensity meter

 Digital microscope User guide Instructions
 Laser level + tripod    
 Light board    
 EXTECH + IR thermometer, thermometer User guide Instructions
 Rule of 1 meter    
 Resipod Proceq concrete durability testing + accessory User guide  
 Roughness tester User guide  
 600 HD sound level meter   Instructions
 Digital drawing tablet    
 Thermometer anemometer CFM / CMM + IR thermometer AN100 User guide Instructions
 IR thermometer    
 Conveyor of angles, square and cardabón    
 Virtual reality glasses    
 Ultrasonic Proceq User guide  
 Vibrometer User guide  



If you are missing some equipment, please tell us to evaluate the possibility of your purchase.


Other measuring instruments in the libraries of the UPC:

Measuring instruments in the EPSEB Library

Measuring instruments in the Library of theETSAB

Last update: 21 / 02 / 2024