The ETSAV Library has its own loan for the following equipment. All material must be returned no later than 15 minutes before the Library closes.

If you are missing some equipment, please tell us to evaluate the possibility of your purchase.

  • Bamboo One
  • Loan conditions: 1 day
  • Loan conditions: 1 day
  • Loan conditions: 2 days
  • Loan conditions: 1 day
  • NIKON camera with D3300;
  • It lends itself with: SIGMA DC macro photographic objective 18-200 MM f3.5-6.3 for NIKON; Tripod BENRO ITRIP KIT FIT 19AIHO; TW282 timer timer remote control timer; Memory card SD LEXAR 32 GB; Rechargeable Li-ion battery NIKON EN-EL 14a; Target photograph TAMRON SP AF 60 mm F / 2 DiII macro 1: 1; Nissin Digital Flash MF18 MACRO FLASH for NIKON; Filter B + W digital filter 62 MRC nano; Filter B + W digital filter 55 MRC nano; CL-DC2 connector cable for NIKON
  • Loan conditions: maximum 30 days
  • 3 Chargers (Type C, Micro-USB and Lighning)
  • Loan conditions: 1 day

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The ETSAV Library also has a collection of measuring instruments

Last update: 01 / 07 / 2019