In addition to the common services offered by all Libraries UPC  depending on whether you are student, teacher o Researcher, the ETSAV Library specifically provides these services:

The Library has a collection of measuring instruments to be used in visits of work or in academic practices. It can be found from home-made equipment to highly specialized and professional equipment.

The laptops that the Library lends by the hour are 470 Lenovo L5 i6300-2018 computers equipped with 8 Gb's of RAM, 256 Gb's SSD hard drive, 14-inch screen that runs on the Windows 10 operating system. 

These laptops are provided protected so it is important that you save your work to an external USB memory stick. Everything that is not saved in the external USB memory will be lost on reboot and there is no possibility of recovery.

As for the software, only the basic software for Internet browsing is installed. If you need any other software, you can remotely connect to the computers in the ETSAV computer rooms by following the instructions on the desktop.


ETSAV classroom software

Do you need a laptop to study or prepare classes from home? We leave you one! This service is aimed at undergraduate and master's degree students, doctoral students and the associate professor of the UPC. Just fill out the form and the library will contact you to specify the terms of the loan.

Ask for a laptop


In addition to providing books, magazines and laptops, the library has laptop padlocks, USB sticks, mice, mobile phone chargers and a camcorder. Check the conditions of the loan and the loan availability.

The Library has two scanners that can be scanned up to a maximum size of A-3 and that work under the self-service system. 

The Libraries of the UPC they have one Wide range of training sessions for a better use of the resources and services of the libraries and the improvement of the informational capacities of the university community. These sessions deal with:

  • The information resources in each of the areas of the UPC;
  • The methodology of scientific work and the elaboration and management of bibliographies;
  • Scientific communication, intellectual property and the protection of authorship.

You can also request a customized training session that fits your needs exactly by contacting the Library.

We support and advise you on issues related to the publication, publication and dissemination of scientific production, such as, among others:

From the Library we make the revisions of the publications incorporated into DRAC by our researchers. We also support the accreditations and six-year request.

We assist you in person at the Library desk, but if you prefer, you can also send us your queries through this form.

IBRA (Bibliometric Indicators of Architecture Journals) is a system that reports on the quality indices of journals in the field of architecture.

IBRA is aimed at teachers and researchers in the Schools of Architecture to respond to the needs of having a list of quality journals to publish and disseminate knowledge to the international community. It is also a tool at the service of universities and state or regional evaluation agencies in the area of ​​architecture.


Last update: 30 / 06 / 2023