Each semester the ETSAV Library, in coordination with the teachers responsible for the subject, exposes the portfolios presented in the previous quarter. Once the exhibition is finished, the authors can pick them up but if they do not do it, the Library stores these works. In this way, a portfolio collection has been created available for consultation. At this time we have dozens of portfolios, although the collection grows every semester. There are all kinds: from the most conventional ones that use classic presentations to more original ones, either by the material used or by the use of a presentation format not very frequent. You will find:

  • in different formats (landscaped, vertical, foldable, rolling, bending, etc.);
  • with different presentations and sizes (books, notebooks, boxes, with cover, folders, envelopes, loose sheets, etc.);
  • They use different materials (paper, photo paper, card, metal, tweezers, cardboard, wood, leather, cord, etc.);
  • with different types of binding (rustic, leather, spiral, double spiral, canonet, stapled, folded, thermal, etc.)

Portfolios can not be borrowed. To check them, contact the staff at the information desk.

Last update: 01 / 07 / 2019