Now, from the app of the UPC...

Now, from the app of the UPC...

'App UPC allows students, PDI, PAS, invited staff, related staff, retired staff and people from the Group UPC have the card UPC to access the library and use some of the Libraries' services UPC.

1. Download the App UPC (iOS or Android) a

2. Open the App and log in with your username and password UPC to enjoy all the benefits:

License UPC: to access your library.
Library opening hours and real-time occupancy: To see occupancy, you must give the App permissions to access the location and activate location on your mobile. 
Your library: to view your library loans, renew them and manage your reservations.

The App UPC has been developed by the TIC Services of the UPC with the support ofUPCNet. For more information about the App UPC consultation this link. If you have questions or suggestions about the App UPC contact with info@upc. Edu.

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